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Self confessed plantaholic, proud mum of 2 beautiful young daughters & loving wife to a hardworking FIFO husband. 

My husband and I moved up to the coastal suburb of Alkimos almost 10 years ago, as we both have a deep love of the ocean (in fact, I am a Marine Scientist as well as indoor plant guru!). 

I started Coastal Eden shortly after my first daughter was born, almost 8 years ago.  Being a busy mum, I wanted to fill our home with beautiful greenery, but didn't necessarily have the time to spend fussing over my plants. 

A deep love of plants and gardening has been with me since I was a young child - my mother has the greenest thumb imaginable, and I also have very fond memories of my nanna's indoor plant collection which she let me play with, propagate and marvel at.  

And that's where my idea for Coastal Eden was born.  Not everyone has the opportunity to grow up with and understand plants from an early age, but it is definitely something we can all learn and enjoy!



The statements I most frequently here from people is "I love indoor plants but always kill them" and "Plant care is so confusing, I never know where to start"

And I totally understand - I've been there too, honestly.  There is an overwhelming amount of information available out there, and so often it's confusing, conflicting or just doesn't make any sense. 

So my mission is to simplify and de-mystify indoor plants.  To make plant care  and their care.  To make plant ownership and care fun, stress free and achievable for anyone.



If you want to add plant care essentials, water propagation vessels, handmade Kokedama or potted plants to your home, head to my Collections page. 

If you want 1:1 indoor plant consultations, require plant hire or styling, or want to learn more at a botanical workshop, head to my Services page.

I look forward to being part of your indoor plant journey.  Thanks for being part of the Coastal Eden tribe.