Shipping Australia Wide (excluding live plants)


Originating centruies ago in Japan, Kokedama (which translates to "moss ball") were akin to Bonsai, minus the pot and wirework.  Since then, Kokedama have been heavily modernised & the moss is often heavily wrapped in twine and no longer visible.

Each Kokedama is lovingly hand-made to order, with limited quantities able to be made at a time due to the physical nature of their creation.  With this in mind, lead times are usually 5 business days.

I will always endeavour to have them ready for you as quickly as possible, however same day collection or delivery is not possible.

With this in mind, please allow enough time on your PRE-ORDER to avoid any disappointment or timing issues, and if you would like one for a specific date, please include this as a note at the checkout.