Kokedama Collection | Perth Plant Delivery Service

PLEASE NOTE - Although our Kokedama are currently sold out online, you can still find a whole stack of them at our local Perth Stockists - head over to the Stockists page to find one near you!
Kokedama are moss balls, originating from Japan.  The roots of the plant are planted into a specialist soil medium and then bound with moss and twine, creating unique plant displays without the need for a pot or planter.

Coastal Eden uses a range of beautiful, hardy indoor plants in our Kokedama, which we deliver throughout Perth.  Our Kokedama make a stylish statement piece for the home or office, or as a unique gift for someone special.  And even better - they are incredibly easy to care for! 

Each Kokedama is delivered in a hand stamped gift box, and includes a detailed, easy to follow care guide.  We also recommend adding on one of our bespoke Coastal Eden Kokedama stands to perfectly finish off your purchase.