Kokedama loosely translates to “moss ball”, whereby the roots of a plant are bound with moss and twine. This technique was created centuries ago in Japan, and has since become a very popular way of displaying plants in a very unique way, without the need for a pot or planter.

Coastal Eden creates beautiful easy care Kokedama using very hardy plants that are suited to an indoor environment, ensuring they make a wonderful statement piece in your home, work space, or as a unique living gift for someone special.

Combine your Kokedama with one of our bespoke Kokedama stands, which we have created to ensure that your Kokedama not only looks amazing, but also stays wonderfully healthy.

Coastal Eden creates each Kokedama to order, and they come delivered in a recycled Kraft gift box or bag, along with a beautiful information guide to help you care for your Kokedama.