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Why Indoor Plants Make The Best Gifts

Need to send a gift?  There's definitely a plant for that!

Here are just some reasons why sending indoor plants will make you everyone's favourite gift giver of all time.

No matter the occassion, say it with indoor plants

House warming, Valentine's Day, a special just 'cos moment, or that "oh gosh I've forgotten Gran's birthday" moment; a beautiful indoor plant makes the perfect, unique gift.

They are the ultimate gift that keeps on giving

Unlike flowers, which wilt and die within a week or so, your houseplant gift will stand the test of time, and be a lasting living momento of a special occassion for years to come. 

Houseplants go with every style

No matter your decor or personal style, indoor plants are always on trend.  From corporate professional to relaxed boho chic, a plant is always a welcome addition.  Top tip: pair your houseplant with a beautiful neutral coloured pot, and it will fit in perfectly with any interior design style.

The one gift no one will ever return

Indoor plants are the must have item on everyone's wish list right now.  They have had such a resurgence in popularity over the past few years, and with good reason!  This makes them the one gift that you can be assured your special someone definitely won't want to return or exchange.

You can get them delivered right to your door, the very next day!

If you're someone who might be guilty of forgetting a special occassion (anniversary, know who you are), the no problems!  You can order your growing gift and have it delivered the same, or very next day!  Never get caught out again.

Plants will always love you back

No discrimination when it comes to houseplants - gal or guy, young or old, corporate high flyer or stay at home parent - there is really no difference!  So long as you give your new plant a good drink (don't drown it though!), some bright light and an occassional feed, they will love you and reward you with loads of new leaves.  Pretty great deal if you ask me.