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String of Pearls | Plant Care Guide

The String of Pearls is a beautiful trailing plant, perfect for a shelf, window sill or in a hanging basket.  This beautiful plant is actually a type of succulent, with many similar care requirements.   

Scientific name: Senecio rowleyanus

Difficulty level: Easy to Medium

Light: Bright

String of Pearls prefers bright (but indirect) light conditions indoors, and morning sun exposure is even better.  Consider placing this plant on a brightly lit windowsill or shelf, ideally one that is free from drafts or rapid temperature changes.

Water: Low

As well as light, nailing the watering requirements is key to keeping your String of Pearls happy. As with other succulents, do not over-water your pearls!  Allow the soil to dry out before giving them a good soak.  Too much water causes the pearls to go mushy and rot; not enough water will cause them to shrivel like dehydrated peas.  Cut back on the water during the cooler months. 

Maintenance: Low

This plant requires a fast draining soil to keep the roots happy and healthy.  All of our String of Pearls come planted in a premium succulent and cactus soil mix.

During the warm summer months, give your string of pearls a boost with liquid fertiliser (we recommend Seasol or similar) every month or two.  Be sure to follow the instructions for appropriate dilution.  If the trailing strings on your plant become too long, simply snip them off and propagate them (yay, free plants!).  Similarly, if any strings look a bit weary, simply snip them off and discard - this will encourage more healthy growth. You can also encourage your plants to flower in the spring time by exposing them to colder temperatures during the winter and reducing their water. 


There are several easy propagation methods for the string of pearls, and each one will work well. 
1. Snip some nice long strings from your plant (leave the pearls on) and lay them on top of some soil, with the stem side down.  Gently mist the soil every few days to encourage root growth.
2.  Take a cut string and strip off the pearls so there is approximately 5cm or so of string. Plant this into some free draining soil and water to encourage root growth.
3.  You can also propagate your string of pearls in water! Follow the same preparation as method 2 above, but put the 5cm string into some water instead, and watch those gorgeous roots grow super fast.

The string of pearls can be toxic to pets and children if consumed, so it's best to keep it out of reach from curious little hands and paws.