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Devil's Ivy | Plant Care Guide

The ultimate indoor plant - Devil's Ivy is a beautiful, easy care climbing and trailing plant which is  perfect for indoor plant beginners and pros alike.  With its gorgeous yellow and green variegation on the leaves, it really stands out for all the right reasons.  There are also different varieties of Devil's Ivy, including Marble Queen (with a beautiful white and green variegation) and Neon (with a bright yellow-green leaf colour).

Scientific name - Epipremnum aureum

Difficulty level - Easy


Low to Moderate.

The Devil's Ivy can tolerate lower light conditions, but thrives in a position with bright, filtered light to really bring out the beautiful leaf variegation. However, you should not place your Devil's Ivy in direct sunlight as this will burn the leaves.

Low to Moderate.

This clever plant will let you know when it needs a drink, with leaves wilting over the pot. During the warmer growing months, water your Devil's Ivy moderately, but let the top 3cm of soil dry out between watering.  In the cooler months, water sparingly and allow almost all of the soil to dry out. 

Devil's Ivy also enjoy a moderate to high level of humidity, making them suitable not only around your home, but they also thrive in bathroom environments too. 


When the vines on your Devil's Ivy become too long, just give them a trim below the little nodes that will appear on the stem. Trimming your plant will ensure the vines are kept nice and lush. And best of all, pop the stem cuttings in some water to propagate brand new plants. 

Devil's Ivy can be toxic to pets if ingested, so we recommend keeping it up nice and high on a shelf or bench, or in a pet free area such as the bathroom.