Zanzibar Gem Kokedama + Stand
Zanzibar Gem Kokedama + Stand

Zanzibar Gem Kokedama + Stand

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Also known as the ZZ plant, these beauties are wonderfully hardy - perfect for the black thumbs amongst us!

These guys aren't called the unkillable plants for nothing. They can take a fair amount of neglect when it comes to light and water - give them a drink once every few weeks and they will be happy. 

And you really can't go past those deep glossy leaves for a splash of green without all the fuss!

Our Zanzibar Gem Kokedama are absolutely gorgeous, with the moss ball itself approximately the size of a grapefruit. These little beauties will make the perfect "set and forget" desk companion.



Our Kokedama now automatically come with one of our handmade, bespoke stands. Now you don't need to think about how or where to display your green friend, we've done it for you! 


Coastal Eden makes each Kokedama to order, using the highest quality plants, soil, moss and twine. Your Kokedama and Stand will arrive in a beautiful recycled, hand stamped Kraft gift box. We also include our handy Kokedama Care Guide to help you look after your beautiful gift. 


The moss ball on our Kokedama is approximately the size of a grapefruit, and fits perfectly on our bespoke, handmade Kokedama stands.


We take great care to ensure you receive a happy and healthy plant. Any information provided here and in our care cards should be used as a guide only. All environments are different in terms of light, temperature, humidity and air quality, all of which are essential to your plant health, and your specific care routine should be adjusted accordingly. Be guided by your plant - it will quickly tell you how happy it is!

*Pictures are an indicative guide, and may slightly vary from your final product.


Devil's Ivy are a hardy and low maintenance indoor plant, preferring medium to bright light, out of direct sunlight.


In general, water when the Kokedama moss ball has dried out. The ZZ Plant prefers to be kept dry, so water approximately every 3 to 4 weeks maximum.

To water, submerge and soak the moss ball in a bowl of water for approximately 15 minutes, or until the Kokedama feels heavy and full. Gently squeeze out the excess water from the moss ball, ensuring it does not stay waterlogged. This will extend the life of the twine and help keep your plant free of health conditions such as gnats or root rot.


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