Water Garden | Medium Vase

Water Garden | Medium Vase

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Our unique Water Gardens are the ultimate in low maintenance greenery, and perfect for the plant newbie or seasoned professional.

Simply place your Water Garden in a brightly lit spot (indirect light), change or top up the water every one to two weeks and you're good to go!

It really doesn't get easier than that, right?


Our Water Garden plant options are all proven superstars at thriving in water, and all make stunning statement pieces in our very modern and on trend tall vase. Simply choose which plant you'd like and we will deliver to your door!

Monstera deliciosa - the undisputed queen of indoor plants with her lush, unique leaves and hardy nature. Your space will be all the more glamourous for having her in it.

Philodendron Rojo Congo - as well as that moody deep red foliage, the first thing you'll notice with this beauty are those amazing crimson roots! Why keep them hidden under soil when you can gaze at them through water instead?

Peace Lily - the darling of flowering indoor plants, you can't go wrong with a Peace Lily Water Garden! Set and forget in a brightly lit spot and she will reward you with her glorious white flowers.


Medium Vase
This modern vase is cylindrical in shape, with a narrower opening - perfect for showing off tall, full greenery.

Dimensions: approximately 18cm (height) x 10cm (diametre at opening). 


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