Sansevieria Kokedama

Sansevieria Kokedama

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Scientific Name: Sansevieria sp.

Also known as the Snake Plant or more commonly, Mother-In-Law's Tongue, these plants are the very definition of low maintenance. These unique plants are so hardy and thrive on neglect, making them the perfect gift.

And best of all, the Sansevieria will help improve your air quality - it removes nasty toxins and replaces them with fresh oxygen (even during the night when most plants produce carbon dioxide), making them perfect for the office or bedroom.


Light: These plants are really versatile and will thrive in low, medium to very bright light, just be sure to keep it out of direct sun.

Water: Less is definitely best with these plants when it comes to watering, and allow your moss ball to completely dry out. As a rough guide, water approximately every 2-3 weeks during Summer and 4-6 weeks during Winter.


Check out our handy Kokedama care guide here.



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Coastal Eden make each Kokedama to order, using the highest quality plants, soil, moss and twine. Your Kokedama will arrive in a beautiful recycled, hand stamped Kraft gift box. We also include a handy care guide to help you look after your beautiful gift.