Peace Lily | Small Teal Planter

Peace Lily | Small Teal Planter

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The Peace Lily is just perfect for lower light conditions indoors, and is an incredibly low maintenance houseplant. 

This beautiful plant is easy care and shows you exactly what it needs - drooping leaves indicate under-watering, brown leaf tips are a sign of over-watering, and if the leaves start to become dry, then increase the humidity levels by misting the plant. Peace Lilies require a moderate level of water, and you can use a damp cloth to gently clean the foliage every now and then.

Peace Lilies are also well known for their ability to clean the air of harmful toxins, which makes them perfect plants for the home and office. 


Our stunning small ceramic planter has a beautiful teal glaze and distressed finish. Each pattern is unique, with no two planters being exactly the same. 


14cm (height) x 12cm (diameter)


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