Botanical Wellness Bowl | Large
Botanical Wellness Bowl | Large
Botanical Wellness Bowl | Large

Botanical Wellness Bowl | Large

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Our unique Coastal Eden Indoor Plant Wellness Bowl is the ultimate green addition to your indoor space. 

Each Wellness Bowl comes planted with a luxurious selection of mature, easy care indoor plants, each known for their wellness properties, including air purification.

This is a stunning way of adding greenery into your home or work space in a more compact way way.  These medium sized bowls are the perfect addition to a coffee table, dining table, or as a high impact feature on an office reception desk or board room. 

Our Indoor Plant Wellness Bowls will thrive in a brightly lit spot indoors, and will also tolerate lighting conditions in an office environment just as well. Each one comes with a drainage hole, and we recommend watering them thoroughly once the top 3 to 5cm of soil has dried out. 


Raw Concrete Bowl
Our medium compact indoor plant Wellness Bowls are currently available in a beautifully finished raw concrete bowl, which really allows the gorgeous green foliage to stand out. These bowls are made from a raw polished concrete, complete with a drainage hole. 

Dimensions: 12cm (height) x 24cm (diametre). 


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