Devil's Ivy Kokedama
Devil's Ivy Kokedama

Devil's Ivy Kokedama

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Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) is the perfect indoor hanging and climbing plant - low maintenance and easy care. This beautiful plant will tolerate a range of light conditions, including lower light areas, but thrives in moderate sunlight and bright light indoors. Bright light will help promote and enhance the beautiful yellow variegation in the leaves.


Water generously during warmer summer months, reducing water in cooler months. Devil's Ivy also enjoys a higher level of humidity, so make perfect addition to a bathroom.

A Devil’s Ivy Kokedama will make the perfect gift for someone who needs a tough, forgiving indoor plant.


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Coastal Eden makes each Kokedama to order, using the highest quality plants, soil, moss and twine. Your Kokedama will arrive in a beautiful recycled, hand stamped Kraft gift box. We also include a handy Kokedama care guide to help you look after your beautiful gift.