Plant Care Tips

Congratulations on bringing some Coastal Eden greenery into your space!

At Coastal Eden, all of our plants are healthy and mature, with well established root systems, so with the right care, they will easily adapt to life in their new home.

We have added some general plant care tips for you below. Please contact us should you require more specific guidance. 


Putting your plant in the correct light is one of the key factors in ensuring your green friends survive and thrive. Determining light exposure and orientation is important, particularly for plants grown indoors. In general, many indoor plants do best with a medium light level (not the case for all plants), and succulents thrive outdoors with higher levels of sun exposure.


Watering can sometimes be tricky to master when it comes to caring for your plants. Watering frequency and amounts vary greatly depending on plant type, environmental factors, temperature and humidity. Our recommended best practice is to check your plants on a set schedule, rather than sticking to a specific watering schedule, as your plants' watering needs will change.


All plants, no matter what type they are, will require some ongoing maintenance, such as removing spent flowers, trimming old leaves, or removing brown leaves on succulents as they grow. 


We recommend feeding your plants during the growing months, particularly spring and summer. Using an organic liquid fertilizer is ideal as it will promote root growth.


Sometimes, plants may develop pest issues. These can usually be treated with a pesticide, and by removing affected foliage.