Kokedama Care Advice

When you order a Kokedama from Coastal Eden, we deliver it with a lovely Care Guide to help you on your way. 

Kokedama are wonderfully low maintenance and easy to care for - see our tips below for general advice.

As a general rule of thumb, place your Kokedama in a brightly lit spot out of direct sunlight. This may vary depending on the type of plant, with some being better suited to higher sun exposure outside, and others lower light indoors.

Watering Frequency
Watering frequency for your Kokedama will really depend on the plant type, as well as the ambient environmental conditions in which your Kokedama is placed, and be similar for the same type of plant in a pot. Our recommendation is to give your Kokedama a water when the moss ball has dried out and feels light in weight. 

Watering Methods
There are two watering methods that we recommend using for your Kokedama. 

The first is the more commonly known method of placing the moss ball into a ball with room temperature water for approximately 30-60mins, allowing the water to soak right through into the soil in the middle of the ball.

The second method is to gently trickle water down into the top of the Kokedama (where the plant grows out of), until the moss ball is heavy and full. Note - this method is not recommended for some Kokedama, including Birds Nest Fern, as putting water into the top of the plant may cause issues. 

Alternating these methods will aid in prolonging the longevity of the jute twine used to wrap around and secure the moss ball.

Ensure you allow your Kokedama to drain thoroughly before replacing it on your bespoke Coastal Eden Kokedama stand or hanger.