Top Indoor Plants for Self-Confessed Black Thumbs

Let's be honest, not everyone has a green thumb when it comes to indoor plants!

But fear not if you're a bit more challenged in the 'keeping plants alive' department - we've got you covered!

Here's our top picks for indoor plants that even you can't kill...promise.


Zamioculas zamiifolia

Seriously, plants do not come any tougher than this!  In the un-killable plant department, the Zanzibar Gem really does reign supreme.

All she needs is a good water every 4 to 6 weeks and ideally a moderate amount of some indirect light (although she'll do just fine in low light areas too) and I guarentee this baby will thrive.


Epipremnum aureum

The ultimate low maintenance trailing or climbing plant, this beauty might be a devil by name, but definitely not by nature.

This green and gold variegated plant has a very forgiving nature when faced with some neglect, plus she has some kick ass air purifying skills too (something we all need more of right now).

Devil's Ivy will thrive in low to moderate light areas, and has low to moderate water requirements too. 

Add one of these plants to a bare shelf and let her trail - you'll have serious jungle vibes in no time!



The main reason why the Peace Lily rates in our top 3 low maintenance plants is thanks to her amazing communication skills.

Her leaves droop when she's thirsty and bounce right back again after a good drink. If overwatering is her issue, you will see brown leaf tips. And dry, shrivelled leaves usually point to a lack of humidity.

Whilst the Peace Lily is quite tolerant of darker areas in your home, if you want her to flower then be sure to give her plenty of bright, indirect light.

Peace Lily's are also well known for their ability to clean the air of harmful toxins, which makes them perfect as office plants as well as house plants. 

Ensure they are planted in a well draining soil, and water them moderately. You can use a damp cloth to gently clean the foliage every now and then. 


Hopefully these tips help you on your plant parent journey. For more tips, tricks and a whole lotta plant fun, head on over to our Instagram page @coastaledenperth