Edible Gardening | Do The Ground Work



Get your edible garden off to a great start with healthy soil. 


Before you even think about planting your seeds and seedlings, you need to consider what you will be growing them in. 

The biology of your soil is so important for growing healthy plants of any kind, but especially when growing edible plants to harvest. 

You can buy seeds and seedlings from the trendiest of nurseries, but without a good quality growing medium, your plants either wont grow, or you will get a very reduced yield.

So, what does this all mean?  Well, let's dig in and find out!

Soil is made up of loads of different components such as sand, clay, rock, water, air and organic matter.  The ratios of each will vary depending on where you are.

But it's the small organisms in healthy soil that make it truly magical - those small animals, worms, insects and microbes, which flourish when the other soil elements are well balanced.

And the key to healthy, well balanced soil?  Well, in our personal experience, the key has always been in adding a whole heap of organic material - there really is nothing like it to get your soil ready for planting.

Which brings me to the topic of COMPOST...

Yep, not the most glam of topics or subject matter, but I promise you that compost is solid gold when it comes to growing happy, healthy edible plants.

We compost all of our green waste (e.g. tree clippings, lawn clippings etc), as well as all our kitchen scraps (except meat as it will smell and attract vermin). 

Over time, the worms and soil micro-organisms will break down the waste matter, turning it into the most incredible soil you've ever seen!

We have two compost bays built into a portion of our vegetable garden. Both bays are constantly turning over at different stages of development, which means we have a steady supply of compost when we need it.

But if you dont have the room for built in bays, there are loads of stand alone compost bins available from hardware and garden stores.

If you don't already compost your green and kitchen scraps, I highly recommend you do.  Not only will it turn into fabulous soil eventually, but it's also a perfect way to minimise your waste and re-use materials that would otherwise be thrown out. 

Yes, it takes time and extra effort, but trust me, your edible garden will thank you for it!

To finish getting your soil ready for planting, you might like to add some additional organic matter such a Dynamic Lifter or some kind of manure. Churn it all in, give it a good water and you're ready to get planting!

Happy gardening everyone!