Edible Gardening | Welcome to our Edible Garden



Welcome to our brand new Edible Garden blog series!  In these blogs, we will be sharing information relating to our personal edible gardens, growing in our very own backyard. 

Our hope is that these blogs, and the information we share with you, might inspire you to create your very own backyard edible garden and grow some of your own herbs, vegetables and fruits along the way.  

Growing your own edible garden is such a rewarding experience - the pure joy and delight you feel picking your own produce and then bringing it back into the kitchen and creating a meal from it all is incredible.

It's also a fabulous way to introduce children to gardening, and getting them interested in growing things to eat. That's one of the many reasons we started our original veggie patch, and safe to say, both our young daughters love getting out in the garden with us now. 

You might think you need loads of space to grow your own produce, but this really isn't necessarily the case.  We live on a suburban block in Perth's northern suburbs, and currently have three moderate sized vegetable gardens in our backyard.  But even if you live on a small block, or even an apartment, you can still grow edible produce - you might just have to be slightly more creative with your growing means!  Loads of edible plants and crops will grow very nicely in containers and pots - think herbs, tomatoes, capsicums, strawberries, peas and beans, lettuce...the list really is endless!

All the information we will share with you is what we have personally learnt over many years of gardening and growing our own vegetables, herbs and fruit.  By no means are we qualified horticulturalists etc, and none of what we share is in any way sponsored - we simply love gardening and sharing what we do.

So, welcome to our Edible Garden series!  We are so excited to be on this journey with you, and would love to hear from you if you have any comments, queries, or even to share your own experiences with us.  


Happy Gardening Plant Tribe!