Chain of Hearts | Plant Care Guide

The queen of indoor plants, the Chain of Hearts is a stunning trailing plant with heart-shaped deep green leaves that cascade in pairs down each long stem. This incredibly popular house plant is easy to grow and looks very impressive hanging up or trailing from a high shelf or windowsill. With the right growing conditions, beautiful small flowers (they kinda remind us of little flamingoes!) will appear on the tendrils. 

Scientific name: Ceropegia woodii

Difficulty level: Easy

Light: Moderate to Bright

This beautiful trailing plant is a perfect addition to a sunny windowsill, where the higher light levels will enhance the deep green leaf colour. You'll know if your Chain of Hearts isn't getting enough light if the stems excessively elongate between leaves.

Water: Low

Water your Chain of Hearts thoroughly, and then let it dry out completely before watering again.  

Maintenance: Low

The Chain of Hearts doesn't require too much maintenance at all.  If the trailing vines or stems become too long, simply snip them off and you can easily propagate new plants from them.