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Want to know the secret to getting new plants FOR FREE?

Want to know the secret to getting new plants FOR FREE?



If you've been following Coastal Eden on Instagram for a while (come join the Plant Tribe, we'd love to see you), you'll know that by far my favourite way to create new plant babes is by WATER PROPAGATION 💧⁣⁣

⁣⁣I get so many messages about growing plants in water, so let's run through some FAQs & get you propagating like a green thumb 🌿⁣⁣


What does PROPAGATING mean?

⁣Propagating is when you grow a new plant by taking a cutting from an existing one. You can propagate cuttings in soil, water or another medium like spaghnum moss, perlite or LECA.

I've always had great success with water propagation, & plants tend to grow water roots much faster than soil roots (and what's not to love about watching those gorgeous roots grow)!


Can you propagate any plants in water? What indoor plants are best to propagate from?

Not every plant type is suited to being propagated or grown in water, so definitely do some research before you start. 

⁣You'll have the most success propagating plants with visible nodes on their stems. Think climbing and trailing plants like Monstera, Devil's Ivy and lots of different kinds of Philodendrons.⁣

I recommend starting with these plants, especially if you're new to plant propagation in water. ⁣

That's not to say only plants with nodes will work in water - I've had loads of success water propagating plants such as Peperomia, Hoya & Begonia using stem cuttings.

You just have to be careful and have an understanding of the plant, as not everything will grow from a stem alone.⁣


What is a STEM NODE?

A node is the little bumpy bit on a stem, often just under leaf shoots, where new roots have the potential to grow from - all they need is contact with a growing medium.

Nodes are fairly prominent on the plants I've mentioned above - you can't really miss them! 

Check out the photo below of a Devil's Ivy cutting, showing multiple nodes on the same cutting. do I water propagate my plants?

Honestly, it's as simple as ⁣taking a cutting just below the node visible on the stem.

Make sure you use a sharp, clean pair of scissors, snippers or a knife when taking your cuttings to avoid introducing diseases to your plants.

Pop the cutting into your propagation vessel & cover the stem node/s with clean, fresh water.

You will start to see new roots growing from the nodes in a few weeks, depending on the time of year and plant's normal growing conditions. ⁣

Propagation is much quicker in the warmer months of spring & summer, but you can definitely propagate year-round. 


Top up the water as needed to keep the nodes & roots underwater. Change the water weekly to fortnightly, & clean your propagation vessel or glassware.

Once there is a well established root system, you can transfer your cutting into soil. Or keep them in water - it's entirely up to you!

Don't forget, there are a tonne of ways to propagate plants - water propagating is just one of the simplest. 

Will you be trying it with your plants? If you have any questions, get in touch and I'll help you out!

Happy propagating my friend!

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