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Monstera deliciosa | Plant Care Guide

If you're after serious jungle vibes, then a Monstera deliciosa is the perfect plant for you.  In fact, this is one of the must have plants in any plant lover's collection - whether you're just starting out, or have already acheived your green thumb.

With its oh-so-lush and distinctive split foliage, hardy nature and quick growth habit, Monstera deliciosa is the ideal plant to spruce up any space. 

Be warned though, these guys can get BIG, so give them space to grow.


Being a tropical plant, the Monstera loves bright, indirect light.  Keep out of direct sunlight though, as this will very quickly burn those beautiful leaves.  Bright light will ensure your Monstera deliciosa produces those distinctive fenestrations (holes) in the foliage as it matures.


Monstera deliciosa requires a moderate amount of water.  Ensure the top 5cm (at least) has dried between drinks.  For ultimate accuracy, use a moisture metre to check the soil before watering.  When watering, give the soil a thorough soak, and allow all the excess water to drain away through the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot.


While your Monstera is actively growing (i.e. producing new leaves), feed it every second or third water with a liquid fertiliser.  I use and highly recommend Foliage Focus, as this provides all of the essential nutrients that your plants require, in a perfectly balanced formulation.  Best of all, it has no smell at all, so you can happily feed your plants indoors without the stink!


Monstera deliciosa is mildly toxic to humans and toxic to animals if consumed, so this is one to keep away from your little people and pets.


Monstera deliciosa is incredibly easy to propagate.  Just snip of the stem below a node (include an aerial root if possible) and pop the cutting into some water.  Keep as much of the stem as possible out of the water to minimise the risk of rot setting in.  Sit back and enjoy watching those pretty new roots grow!